Vanke Education Development Foundation





Founded in 13 February, 2015, Vanke Education Development Foundation is a registered national private foundation. Since inception, it has been dedicated to advocating for well-rounded education, promoting the latest practices of educational reform, and rewarding innovative educational talents. The Foundation oversees projects operations, evaluates their results, and reveals donation information under the principle of transparency to make sure every penny received will go back to educational causes. 

Shenzhen Middle School

Founded in 1947, Shenzhen Middle School (SMS) was made the only provincial key high school in Shenzhen in 1983. Named after the city of Shenzhen, SMS has been continuously ranked throughout the years as the best school in Shenzhen and among the top schools in Guangdong Province. As a pioneer in the city’s educational landscape, it has vibrantly explored curriculum reform, international education, arts and science education, as well as extracurricular activities.


As the administrative entity for VMA, SMS assigns its administrative team, as well as some  of its subject teachers. These faculty members work together to cultivate academic curriculum, extracurricular activities, teaching and research practices, as well as teacher resources for mutual internationalization and student advancement.