Mission Statement

To cultivate global citizens and leaders with Chinese identity. 

Chinese Identity

The Chinese identity is at the core of what we cherish and adhere to. We aim to educate the students about patriotism, traditional culture, and oriental aesthetics. Vanke Meisha Academy (VMA) provides a series of Chinese cultural courses and a traditional cultural center, allowing the students to better understand the essence of Chinese traditional culture, and to continue being conveyors of the Chinese culture. In this way, students are expected to make their voice heard on the world stage and contribute Chinese wisdom to the development of the world.

Glocal Citizens

With a diversified international education provided, VMA students will gain and benefit from global vision. Our students not only acquire excellent language proficiency in Chinese, English, and even another foreign language, they also understand and respect the diversity of the world. We expect them to truly integrate into and contribute to both Chinese society and the international community, to understand global interdependence as well as how the world works, to be equipped with the skills to reach a balance between happy life and career development in a globalized environment. Besides, they are educated to strive for a more equitable and sustainable world. 


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Leadership Abilities

Students graduated from VMA have the ability to communicate and cooperate with others. Besides, they are good at critical thinking and analyzing while applying what they learn into practice. They accept new mindset challenges at VMA, learning to discuss and debate with each other, to evaluate and take risks, so as to be prepared for their overseas university study.

We hope VMA student to be lifelong learners who keep an open mind about learning, exploring and self-development. This is how they will stay abreast of time and brave the challenges imposed by the 21st Century. 


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