Curriculum Development


The Sino-UK Integrated Program integrates Regular Courses (including China's national compulsory courses and IGCSE courses) and A-Level courses (including AS and A2 courses), which not only retains the advantages of China's national compulsory courses in their capacity to consolidate basic subject knowledge for students, but also integrates the essence of Cambridge international courses in supplement.


The IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is currently considered to be one of the most mature international courses for students aged 15-17 in the world, Sino-UK Integrated Curriculum offers courses including Chinese, Mathematics, English, English Literature, Economics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Computer Science, Physical Education, Art and other regular courses. After completing their studies at this stage, students will have a smooth transition into their A-Level courses.


A-Level (General Certificate of Education Advanced Level) is an advanced course level for the British General Secondary Education Certificate Examination. It is divided into AS and A2, with each phase accounting for one year. Courses include English (First Language), English Literature, Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Geography, History, Politics, Sports, Art, etc.


Both IGCSE and A-Level courses are designed by CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education), and are recognized by more than 11,000 universities in over 160 countries and regions.

Exams and Competitions


VMA was accredited by the Cambridge International Examinations in 2016 and became an official teaching and examination center. Students can complete their course of study and examination in Sino-UK integrated curriculum at VMA. There are two exams for IGCSE and A Level, one of which is offered in May and in June, and the other in October and November. After they are written, test papers will be reviewed at the exam board headquarters in Cambridge, UK. Results are announced in August and the following January of each academic year.

In addition, the IGCSE exam is divided into Extended and Core tracks. The former is more academically difficult, and students can get up to an A *, while the latter focuses on basic core knowledge, but students can only get up to a C, as well as needing to take 3 to 5 AS courses and exams, after which applying for university with their IGCSE scores, AS scores, and the estimated grades of their A2 courses. After this process, students will continue to complete their coursework and exams in the AL phase.


Furthermore, VMA encourages students to actively participate in subject-based competitions and projects, including the Waterloo Mathematics and Modeling Competition in Canada, the British Physicist Championships, the British Biological Olympics Competition, and the Australian Mathematical Competition. At the same time, VMA offers the Duke of Edinburgh Award program, which focuses on assessing four key skills — “social service”, “skills learning”, “physical exercise”, and “outdoor adventure”. Students who stand out during assessment will receive as their reward international medals and certificates authorized by the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Foundation. It is not only a lifetime honor, but is also recognized by many top universities and enterprises.

Diplomas and Certificates


After completing the IGCSE course, students need to take the Checkpoint exam. After selecting 7 courses in 5 subjects out of those offered by the IGCSE International Examination, they will receive an International Certificate of Education issued by Cambridge Assessment, a certificate divided into three levels, namely “Merit”, “Distinction”, and “Pass”, to highlight the students’ academic achievements.


Similarly, students who have passed 3 exams in the A-Level subjects as well as the Cambridge Global Perspective and Research course exams will receive a Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education Diploma. This diploma will demonstrate that students have performed in-depth academic research in a wide array of subjects.


After completing the Sino-UK Integrated Curriculum courses and acquiring the credits required, students can obtain the VMA graduation diploma.