Mission and Responsibilities


Vanke Meisha Academy’s University Counseling program aims to cultivate students’ academic and personal development throughout their high school years. Each student is assigned a university counselor who counsels him/her throughout his/her enrollment.


VMA university counselors are student advocates. We help students every step of the way, from their initial high school course selection to their transition to college, or other post-graduate plans. We utilize an approach that recognizes the whole student, understanding that academic, personal, and social development are intertwined. We collaborate with parents, advisors, teachers, special educators, psychological counselors, and others to support students and help them optimize their potential.

University counselors work with students individually and in small groups, and also make periodic school-wide presentations. Our robust and comprehensive office programming covers many topics: standardized tests and extracurricular activities, career and college exploration, resume building, admission requirements for universities at different countries, application procedures, personal essays, teacher recommendation letters, and more. Individual student conferences and family meetings yield personalized college lists that reflect a student’s interests, strengths, achievements, and goals. Students receive hands-on support from university counselors throughout the college application process.