STEAM is an acronym which stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. It is a new educational concept proposed by the United States government that aims at improving the overall quality of education through interdisciplinary learning. Our teaching focus is on Technology and Engineering in order to explain the Science and Mathematics theory. For art we guide them to integrate artistic creation into their work.


As the international education forerunner, VMA is committed to the development and practice of STEAM education. Over the past few years, VMA’s STEAM education has been actively integrated into student’s ordinary life. VMA has built the STEAM center room 422 and the engineering lab 420. the laboratories are equipped with many tools and machines for students to use. We have 3D printers, a laser cutting machine, a metal cutting machine, a metal drilling machine, electric irons, air compressors, a hot air gun, a hot glue gun, and a various types of screw drives, wrenches, scissors, and pliers.


VMA has developed STEAM related classes. They are mainly divided into computer science and engineering category: Programming with Python, AP computer science, AP computer science principles, Engineering Design, Advanced Robotics Engineering, Programming with Electronics, etc.


VMA has set up its own robotics competition team, 7594 Nautilus. As a new team, we participated the Finger Lakes region US competition in the 2019 season. We ended up with the Highest Rookie Seed award and Rookie Inspiration award. In the 2019 playoff season RCC, we ranked ninth in the tournament, and top four league in the knockout stage. Looking forward, VMA has set up its VEX robotics team this year.

Shown in the pictures are three 3D printers in different models. They can accomodate various productive needs.

Laser cutting machine, used to cut 2 dimensional panels, such as wood board, acrylic plate and paper board.

Drilling machine, can be used to drill holes in woodworking and metalworking fabrication.

Metal-cutting machine, used to cut most materials, such as metals, wood and PVC, etc. 

The robotics club is showing one of the robots during Club Day, the event put together by student bodies to recruit new members for clubs, organizations and societies. 

Student Works