Vanke Meisha Arts Academy prepares students for careers in the visual and performing arts. As every artist develops differently, we design our curriculum to provide the individualized attention and graduation pathway for students with varying backgrounds and goals. Our unique course trajectory gives students the comprehensive education to blossom into true artists as well as masters of their chosen craft. Students develop skills in three fundamental arenas: professional development, which they pursue in individual relationships with our master instructors as well as group environments; in-depth theoretical understanding of their chosen field; and general liberal arts education that broaden their horizons and help them to develop into mature individuals.


We believe artistry starts with applied courses (such as Studio Classes such as Wood Art, Printmaking, Pottery, Painting, 3D Design, and 2D Design; and ensemble Orchestra, Chorus Chamber Music) and is further developed from individual personal relationships with great artists. This is why every student receives extensive attention from our excellent faculty, either through private instruction in our performance department’s Applied Music courses or through guided artistic development in the visual art department’s Portfolio Development. These professional opportunities courses allow students ample time to practice their craft individually and learn the essential collaborative skills of their craft by communicating with their teachers and peers.


In addition to practical development, our program is unique in its emphasis on deep knowledge of the theory and context of the profession our students study. Students enroll in two years of history and four years of theory. Through analysis of texts, development of arguments, and projects bridging the artistic disciplines, our academic classes teach students the skills of critical inquiry, knowledge acquisition, and creative synthesis across the arts. Students learn to write and speak about the arts in English and Chinese, skills essential to sharing with the world the ideas that inspire them. In their final year, students embark on a capstone and an interdisciplinary creation, two projects that require them to synthesize the theory and practice they learned throughout their VMAA education.


Finally, we believe that true artists are well-rounded individuals. Our students take advantage of the high quality liberal arts courses at Vanke Meisha Academy, enrolling in English, Math, Sciences, and electives. With this background, our graduates have the curiosity and the aplomb to use their art for its ultimate purpose: driving forward human creativity and thought across all areas of society.