The Way of Artist

Way is a word that connects with both the Eastern and Western world. The founder of Taoism, Lao Tzu, once described Tao (Way) as the universal truth, and the English-speaking world uses “way” to express the meaning of “path” and “a method of doing something”. The Way of the Artist (TWA) helps newer artists, along with the seasoned ones, to achieve growth via artistic expressions, to get closer to the truth about arts and the human world, and to explore the significance of who they are as artists.


The Way of the Artist is an event series that allows students and teachers to perform and share their artistry and visions through various artistic mediums. Starting from August, 2018, TWA has run more than 100 concerts and shows, including faculty and student concerts, Master Classes given by visiting artists, workshops, art exhibitions, etc. These events have brought the art lovers together and helped create a dynamic art scene on campus. On top of that, our artists have also performed in landmark concert halls and theaters in Shenzhen, such as Shenzhen Concert Hall, Shekou Jingshan Theater, Dayabay Theater, Nanshan Sports and Recreational Center (Orange Theater), etc.


Performing Arts

Visual Art