Message from the Director


Sports always bring huge excitement to any international school, and Vanke Meisha Academy (VMA) offers many fantastic opportunities for our students!!  In the fall of 2019-20 we embark on an exciting new adventure in sports and will launch the VMA Sharks inaugural year of our brand-new international school competitive sports program.


Our highly qualified professional staff at VMA strongly encourage all high school boys and girls of all skill levels to get involved in sports and the cultural performing arts. We offer a wide variety of opportunities in physical education classes and highly structured competitive sports at the club, team, and developing sports academy levels. Activities in physical education include team, individual, and fitness pursuits as well as traditional Chinese martial arts. We are inheriting and developing a blend of international and traditional Chinese sport culture at VMA. Our sports program complies with international standards yet maintains the respect and values of the traditional Chinese culture. Sports team coaches and academy professionals place a higher value on how a student athlete plays than on the outcome of a game; self-control, humility, integrity, perseverance, sportsmanship, leadership, and character on and off the playing field are the values that characterize a true winner at VMA.


It is this emphasis on character development that makes VMA student athletes unique and stand out among international private boarding schools in the People’s Republic of China. VMA currently offers students 7 different team sports as well as 12  developmental sports club activities. Our sports academy program is in its infancy and aims to develop outstanding athletic talent in multiple sports. Our emphasis of this program will be to help prepare student athletes for eligible participation and competition in universities and colleges and to prepare our elite athletes for national and Olympic competition exposure.


VMA student athletes compete against students from other international private schools in southern China and in the Asia-Pacific region. We are current members of the International Schools League and participate in competitions against schools in the Shenzhen International Schools Athletic Conference, the Pearl River Conference, and the International Schools Sports Federation of Hong Kong.


A reminder to all VMA athletes, coaches, and spectators as you embrace this exciting new adventure. Focus on:  Preparation (self-control, obedience), Winning (strive for excellence according to the rules), Losing (remember values taught, lessons learned, perspective), Perseverance (overcoming adversity), Sportsmanship (humility, integrity, character)