We are looking for teachers and staff who can create a community of learners with us:


What we embody at Vanke Meisha Academy is a warm and open, multicultural and mutually respectful community.


No matter where we come from, each administrator, teacher and staff is an important member of our community.


We believe that education does not take place only within a classroom. It also takes place in our student house meetings, when they’re on the track working out, during the various extracurricular student clubs & activities, when they’re in the dorms and even when they’re traveling to different parts of the countries & the world. The digital world


We are fully committed to provide our students with a quality education that possesses both the academic rigor while instilling an open community of learning beyond the classroom. We also commit to developing our students into thoughtful, creative and responsible leaders who cares more about the global society & environment. Lastly, we want our students to build an awareness of their own cultural heritage and be committed to fair and ethical behavior.


In the fall of 2020, we will be welcoming our next batch of high school students to develop their individual skills, competencies & strengths while shaping their international perspective for their future. We wanted our students to do this by building a deeper understanding of their Chinese culture while working towards a higher level of English proficiency.


We would like to invite you to join us if you are a someone who shares our vision, principles & devotion to education. We’re currently looking for someone who brings a strong passion towards teaching & possesses an intellectual curiosity towards helping others learn. We want to hear your experiences & for you to demonstrate your capacity to teach students in the disciplines of your choice.  


Lastly, we value & respect each of our faculty’s worldview and insights along with the diverse backgrounds they have. More importantly, we hope that you will be willing to continue to learn and develop professionally alongside our students.

Teaching Positions

What we are looking for

  • Passionate about education and practice a holistic way of education beyond the classroom.

  • Genuinely curious about the discipline of your choice, paying close attention to its development. You’re someone who possesses a profound knowledge of the subject and possesses experience teaching it. Interdisciplinary research experience is preferred.

  • Commitment to a student-centered approach or project/problem-based learning, which encourages students to think both creatively and critically; attach importance to cultivating students’ learning qualities such as academic honesty and rigorous scholarship;

  • Sufficient digital skills in operating a variety of devices including laptop & mobile phones alongside various software. Possesses a strong learning ability for different types of teaching & learning software and be open to learning new forms of technologies that can support your teaching practices.

  • Actively attend PD events including class observations and teacher assessments

  • Engage in collaborative practices by actively working within your respective department as a team member. You will also interact with other departments in interdisciplinary cross curricular development.

  • Assume the duties of mentoring students, advising student clubs and activities and support our student house committees, etc.

  • Be a role model and guide our students with professionalism, character development & instill a strong sense of social responsibility by taking part in community activities.

  • Willingness to participate in various school events and contribute when you can.

Basic Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or above, and Master’s or Overseas educational background is preferred.
  • Over 2 years of international school teaching experience, and experience in teaching IB, AP, A-levels and/or IGCSE programs preferred.
  • Professional teaching certification, or the equivalent in the education field.
  • A high level of English proficiency with the ability and willingness to use it as the language of instruction at our school.

Robotics/STEAM teacher


  • Teach robotics and engineering courses

  • Coach and train robot teams, (FRC and VEX robot competitions)

  • Familiar with 3D printers, laser cutting machines, metal bench drills, metal cutting machines, electric drills and other mechanical equipment, capable of daily maintenance and training for students

  • Familiar with the Arduino platform

  • Perform routine laboratory maintenance, purchase laboratory equipment, management and storage

  • Act as a student club mentor to guide students' daily activities

  • Familiar with design thinking process, be able to inspire students' creative ability, critical thinking ability and problem solving ability in teaching


  • Bachelor’s degree in in Physics, Engineering, Robotics, or CS, and master’s or overseas related background is preferred.
  • English proficiency, experience in teaching IB, AP, A-levels and/or IGCSE programs preferred;
  • Be proficient in C, Java or Python. Relevant project experience is a plus.

Non-Teaching Positions

Director of College Counseling

Performance Responsibilities

  • Work closely with students individually or in small groups to build & review their personal essays for college admissions, scholarships & other programs.
  • Building a system for tracking student academic and extracurricular performance data and follow up with students regularly
  • Meeting with students and parents to make recommendations on academic course selection, extracurricular involvement and summer programs
  • Build a database of academic programs at colleges and universities to be used to make appropriate school recommendations to all students
  • Conducting research and attending conferences to stay abreast of international admissions trends and technologies, especially admissions trends and technologies useful in the Chinese context
  • Training the college counselling team to build meaningful relationships with students, support in revising personalized letters of recommendation and assist students with building appropriate college lists
  • Provide college counselling resources such as conferences, workshops, and certificates to the college counselling office.
  • Building and maintaining relationships with admissions representatives from selective colleges and universities, including traveling to colleges and universities as necessary
  • Collaborating with global college counseling non-profits (NAFSA, ASCA, ISCA, etc.) to plan and host conferences that benefit VMA and the international student counseling community


  • Bachelor’s Degree required; Master’s Degree in counseling or education-related field preferred
  • At least ten years of experience in working closely with high school students
  • At least five years of leadership experience in a counseling office at an academically rigorous high school or in the admissions office of a highly selective university (admission rate 20% or under)


Job Responsibilities

  • To provide the leadership and expertise necessary to ensure that the school library program is aligned with the mission, goals, and objectives of VMA and is an integral component of the learning/instructional program
  • To oversee the library system and develop the collection, interpret policy, and maintain a high quality of collection of relevant print and electronic educational materials that support Vanke Meisha academic offerings

  • To collaborate with faculty and specialists to provide relevant and current resources that supplement the instructional program

  • To empower students to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information

  • To instill a love of learning in all students and ensure equitable access to information


  • A master’s degree from a program accredited by the American Library Association education or library science with a specialty in library media.

  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college

  • Minimum three years of experience as a secondary librarian

Our Offering


One of our goals at VMA is to create an equal work and life balance, and we will also provide you with:


  • Multiple on-campus, domestic and international Professional Development opportunities
  • Competitive compensation
  • China social insurance
  • Holiday allowance and birthday benefit
  • Relocation allowance
  • Flight allowance
  • A pension plan
  • Global health insurance
  • Housing allowance
  • Free tuition for VMA staff’s children entering VMA
  • Paid public holidays, winter and summer holidays, Christmas holidays, AP holidays
  • Two 0.5-day paid personal leave per month and 15-day paid sick leave per academic year
  • Marriage leave, bereavement leave and maternity leave in accordance with Chinese laws
  • Mandarin classes
  • Employee referral bonus


Join us in creating a community of learners!


How to apply?

Please send your resume, cover letter and at least 2 recommendations to: vma_hr@vma.edu.cn