Student clubs are an important part of student life at Vanke Meisha Academy. In VMA, you will get the opportunity to form or join a club. You can explore your interests, meet like-minded friends and develop leadership skills during club meetings. We encourage every VMAer to practice their citizenship by, no matter whether you are experiencing new things, exploring your path or serving the community. There are more than 60 unique clubs at VMA offering you many learning possibilities. We look forward to seeing your care for others, hard work and passion in the clubs.



Club Registration

All clubs will be registered at the beginning of each school year. Any VMAer with a dream or idea can try to start a new club at the beginning of each school year. Outstanding clubs in each academic year will not need to register again in the next year, they will be automatically registered. In order to ensure the sustainability of the club, the registration at the beginning of each school year will include two stages: "club information" and "risk assessment" of the club. The list of successful clubs will be announced by Committee of Leadership Actualization (COLA) in the second month of the new school year.

Club Activities

Colleges look for students who explore a breadth of interests and are involved in their school community. At VMA, every student can gain experience in the arts, sports, literature, science, economics, history, etc. VMA hopes to inspire students to discover themselves and develop their interests through more than just academics.

Performing to New Highs

VMA clubs are a great way for you to showcase your talents.

You can become a member of the VMA Choir and feel the art of singing with the melodious music in a neat line. You can listen to Mozart's horn concerto in E flat major with your friends in the Classical Music Club. These and so many more opportunities await you.

Creating New Ideas


The creative wisdom of VMAers can be felt at every corner of VMA. Our community includes ideas built upon by many of our previous students. Within the Tide Magazine Club, you can experience the joy of creative writing. You can also try your hand at robotics and joining various robotics competitions at the Tech Innovation Club. Your work and creations will help expand and represent our school community, leaving a lasting contribution which can impact future generations of VMAers.



With more than 60 clubs and 80 club leaders, VMA clubs are one big family. We are looking for trailblazers with the courage to stand up and lead students with the same interests and common ideals to try, learn and grow. At the same time, the growth of community leadership is closely related to the growth within our community. At green &blue, eou@vma, every outstanding VMA club leader is always looking to serve the community, listen to suggestions and make positive improvements. Their sense of responsibility drives positive changes in the VMA & surrounding community every day.

Sustainable Development


VMA is committed to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of our education. A number of environmental protection and social voluntary societies at our school are actively involved in creating solutions towards accomplishing this. "Earth hour", "Protect the white dolphins", "Back Tsai Kok beach" and other activities are dedicated to achieving these goal. Students independently plan and operate these social projects while taking advantage of the ecological setting of Meisha surrounding our school. Our students are constantly seeking ways to implement solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations through fund-raising, support and publicity, recycling initiatives, keynote speeches and public support activities.

Community Service


As an educational institution, VMA promotes students to continue the legacy of serving the community. Cultivating students' spirit of community service starts from their planning, organization, and implementation of various activities. From the Fall Festival to COMA’s used books sale, these activities have become a tradition at VMA. Student leaders of each house gather their respective members through house activities (such as House challenge, House Lounge decorations, Thanksgiving Day gift exchanges, etc.). The continuous development of these activities has helped VMA students establish strong collaborative teamwork, organizational and management skills, while improving empathy and compassion of each student.