Mentorship Program


Mission of VMA’s Mentorship Program

VMA’s Mentorship Program was developed because of the immense value mentoring has in building relationships and improving the personal well-being for students. Our mission is to provide each VMAer with a personal mentor that they can feel comfortable in sharing their experiences and learning with. Mentors will furthermore refer mentees to all relevant resources and opportunities provided by VMA. This way, students will be able to visualize their own strengths, take on new challenges and focus on the things they need to work on in the future.


Goals of VMA Mentorship

The Mentorship program aims to promote school wellness, student engagement and develop aspirations for all VMAers.


Why do you need a mentor?

Do you want someone to help you personally in adapting to a new environment? Is there a specific talent you are looking to cultivate? Do you want to explore activities surrounding your interests? Whatever your motivation is, if you need support and guidance for your life at VMA – the kind that will make your high school life much more smooth sailing. Then, our mentorship program is the way to go!

Led by our mentor Michael (far right, standing), Ming House students write down their self-assessment on their achievement and areas to improve for the upcoming Parent-Teacher Conference.

Our Qing House mentor, Jean (middle) as she guides her students to create effective study plans. This is a method to gauge the level of support needed by all students and ensure that appropriate resources and expertise are made available to them.