Parent-Teacher Organization

Each student is a unique seedling and the stages of their growth is crucial to our school. Effective communication between the school and their family keeps abreast the needs of students. At the same time, resource sharing amongst parents can also provide increased diversity for student participation. VMA is committed to work in partnership with parents in order to achieve the very best education possible.


The current PTO has played a positive model in school to home communication and has helped students gain access to opportunities and support in personal development. This PTO model will continue to improve and strive to provide more effective protection for student’s overall development.




Parent-School Communication


Weekly Newsletter to Parents:

VMA sends weekly letters to parent groups on instant messaging platforms every Friday night. Through this letter, parents can be well informed of important notices issued by the respective departments of VMA (such as competitions, university scout visits, mid-term & final exams notices and holiday notice arrangements) to learn about the important events at school during the week.


Monthly PTO Meeting:

PTO meetings are usually held on the first Friday of each month. During these meetings, parents discuss important issues or concerns with VMA educators from different departments on issues related to students’ wellbeing.


Family Engagement Activities:

VMA also conducts family engagement activities for every big event of the school year (such as Fall Festival and the New Year Gala). We strongly encourage all parents to be involved and to support their child’s social, educational and fund-raising activities.


Daily Communication:

VMA expect parents to contact the school through direct online channels should they have any concerns about their children’s education or life at VMA.

A parent vendor sells drinks at the booth market during school’s 2019 Fall Festival

Yuan House Parents selling refreshments at the booth market during the school’s 2019 Fall Festival. All the proceeds from the booth market were designated to support the student club initiatives at VMA.