Reign Zhang

Even if I give out my heart

It returns scars in the end

I won’t cheer you up by sweet words

I will share with you my life  


Will we cross the sky?

Will we defeat the time?

Yes we will

It is not a miracle


We are together all the way

But believe in yourself  

Even if I am not here

You are shining still


I believe in your galaxy

I wanna listen to your melody

You become my last breath

When I stand at the edge of the cliff


Don't stand under dark clouds.

Don't let your mind wander

In your heart, open the door

Welcome to the magic shop

Snowflakes falling

Universe blooming

Remember this most beautiful moment

Forget all your pains in magic shop

I'm afraid as well

That it's all just a fantasy

No worries

We are still part of the universe


Don’t have to be the best

Don’t compare with others

Walk on your own path

You are more sparkle than anyone


Come and find yourself here

The door is opening for you

I’ll show you the best of me

 And show you the best of you


Every galaxy is here

Take your moment

You will find yours

And show yourself the best of you

  • Quaranzine