Liana Liang


It’s kind of cold at night without any stars in sky.

Who turns the world around?

The room is so quiet.

 My voice keeps running in my head;

Endless thoughts taking my breath;

Tears leaving marks on my face;

The world is like a race.

 My blood, sweat and tears melted under which young life

Evaporation and growth eliminate my weakness.

One two three forget about your pain.

It’s okay.

Back to home, lying in my bed, thinking again:

Is it all my fault?

This is a vertiginous night.

I look at the clock on the wall,

It’s 12’o clock.

Will it be any different?

Maybe nothing will change tomorrow.

But this tough long day has already ended.

When the second hand and minute hand coincide,

The world holds its breath.

It’s zero o’clock.

You will be happy;

Like snowflakes falling in air;

Like breath you drew in the beginning.

You will be happy;

Turn this all around;

 It’s zero O’Clock.

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