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What is VMA?

Vanke Meisha Academy (VMA) is an international school jointly established in 2015 by Vanke Education Development Fund (VEDF) and Shenzhen Middle School (SMS) - the most selective high school in Guangdong Province and one of China’s top three public high schools.


VMA is authorized by the Shenzhen Education Bureau as a diploma-granting secondary institution. In May 2018, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) fully accredited the VMA curriculum.


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Mission and Vision

As an international, bilingual boarding school, VMA’s mission to cultivate global citizens and leaders with Chinese identity goes hand in hand with its vision to develop flexible thinkers who demonstrate curiosity, discipline, collaboration, grit, initiative and creativity in serving a rapidly changing world as respectful, responsible global citizens and leaders.


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VMA Family

VMA values diversity, a word that has its unique meaning in a massive country like China. Our 655 mainland students come from all across the country, from the southernmost island of Hainan, to the northeastern tip of Heilongjiang. We also have 21 students that are from Hong Kong, Taiwan and foreign countries. VMA has 186 staff members, including 130 full-time faculty members. Expatriates make up 36% of the faculty. Together they have made VMA a place of cultural diversity, respect and understanding. 


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VMA currently offers courses in China’s National Curriculum, 12 Honor Courses, and 25 Advanced Placement (AP) courses with a Capstone, topped off with Advanced and seminar courses.


Student-centered pedagogy, including seminar discussion, inquiry-based science, project-based learning, presentations and debate, promotes higher-order and critical thinking skills at VMA.


US Integrated Program

UK Integrated Program

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Graudate Outcomes

VMA’S College Counseling Office focuses on best fit with each student, as evidenced by our comprehensive list of acceptance offers and matriculation decisions. Regarding the Class of 2018, 48% went to private four-year universities and 52% public. The nearly 1000 offers from 2018 and 2019 span 169 institutions ranging from intimate, elite art and design institutes, liberal arts colleges, to the world’s largest comprehensive universities.


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